About Us

Matched Voices is a subsidiary of VBL (Vision Bridge Languages Co.,Ltd),and most of its business clients from the translation and localization clients of VBL. Since the translation and localization services wins more and more trust and popularity from the clients ,some clients begins to ask for our help on voiceover and dubbing projects . As for us, it is a learning by doing process ,because we find it is not easy or simple to get a voice “match”the original video,or using environments. After translation, if the video and voice speed does not sync ,we do script adaptation;sometimes there is voice on video ,sometimes there is not ,we raise adjustment solution;sometimes clients want foreign language with local accent ,we get approperate talents;sometimes client wants native talents with foreign pronunciations ,our talent will imitate that …… In summary , we have accumalated solutions to provide the matched voices and fulfill all clients’ necessary needs.